Planning for the next manager

With the manager using his home as the office.

How are you maintaining the security

Of the leases, files and other documents? Are the lease originals held in the home office or what.

Is there liability of a former wack job manager having the leases and personal information of your tenants and can you be insured against a law suit stemming from the actions of the former manager? You failed to maintain adiquit

Lou -

I think it pretty likely that you are liable. You hired the whack job. He ‘was just doing his job’ collecting all those applications and personal information. But contact an attorney to be sure.

To keep the information private, you can use Kroll or other background checking services and I believe applicants can send their application directly there. That said, you’ll still want your manager at least getting your leases signed on site most likely. So have him/her scan and email those to you. DropBox is a really nice way to share files too.

Good luck,