Placing a rental in someone else's park?

Would a park owner object to me placing a home in their park that I rent out to a tenant?

Find a park desperate to fill vacant lots, one with park owned rentals, communities that have a run down appearance. Higher quality communities very often do not allow rentals. Keep in mind you must have the community owners permission in advance.

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I do not allow it in my parks…it becomes a problem if the resident pays the trailer owner and not me. I am
do not have a problem finding tenants that have a money to buy the home themselves, and although I have no park owned homes, if there is a buck to be made, I would own the home myself before I let a third party get into the mix

I also do not allow rentals however I do have one POH that came with the purchase of the community and I have been stuck with due to our landlord tenant regulations. I have this year received a demo permit to remove the home which will put an end to the only rental in my community.