Pivot from apartments to MHP

Hi! I’m happy to join the community! I currently live and invest in Erie PA. When I started in REI, I was initially going to buy a single family home. That fell through and I ended up buying a duplex, then another. My plan up until recently was to purchase a couple 4-units and scale up from there…but I’ve been having trouble finding a good deal and my heart isn’t in it. I feel that MHP investing is more suitable for me for a number of reasons. I’m looking to connect with people to build a network in this niche and learn. I missed the boot camp in Pittsburgh, but may be going to Tennessee. I have capital to invest am working to gain the knowledge and confidence to jump in. I appreciate anyone who reaches out and will try to provide value in any way I can!

Is there a boot camp in Tennessee? I went to the one in Orlando. I went from apartments to MHPs.

Hello, I’d be happy to connect. Just closed on my first park in Pine Grove, PA, and also looking to network. Email is brassringmhc@gmail.com

Yep, there’s one in Nashville in October. After looking at the dates, I can’t make that one…my wedding reception is that weekend.

How do you like parks vs. apartments? Was it a good move? I like the idea of leasing the land, not being responsible for the structure, lower turnover, lower overhead, and more hands-off management. I know there will be some buying and selling of mobile homes, but basically just to get the lot filled and unload it as soon as possible.

Any advice/tips for getting started?

Excellent, I’ll shoot you an email!

park will be a better option as you’ll have wedding photography and most probably dj setup as well

Hello Jesse,

nice to meet you , Jamar Mills here i am a local to the PA market i will be glad to
share my resources with you within the market you can email me at jtmillsllc@gmail.com

looking forward to adding value to you sir!