Pipes froze - big $

It all started with a phone call from lot rent tenants that water pressure was low. I sent over my property manager and his first conclusion was that Pump needed repairs. After doing more investigations we came to the conclusion that one of the tenants Had been away for two weeks and with the sudden cold spell, pipes froze and caused massive water damage to their home as well as continuous water leak underneath trailer. We cut off the water to the trailer through the shut off valves until a permanent repair is made.

Who is responsible for fixing the pipes that froze?
Do I monitor and Approve the repair to make sure that it doesn’t cause issues in the future?

Most park owners’ responsibility for ‘pipes’ ends where the home connects to the water supply. So if that pipe froze, it would be the tenant’s responsibility. Your tenant should be responsible for fixing the broken pipe and the water. If I was you I would require that they wrap the new pipe with heat tape and that they keep it plugged in during the cold months.


Tenant responsible to keep pipes from freezing with heat tape. Leave water off till he address’s it. RF read meters would have detected a large leak and salvaged the home.

How reliable are those RF meters?

Reliable till the heat tape dies and the meter freezes.

What does your lease say? There should be a clear statement about where your responsibility stops and theirs begins. Tenant should be responsible for heat tape and insulation under their home…

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Freeze Auto Alerts: some smart sub-meters can auto e-mail or text your designees when pipes approach freezing temps., low consumption, leaks, continual use, and even heat extremes.
“We’re here to answer your sub-metering questions”

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