Pipe Bursting / trench-less sewer pipe replacement

I have been researching trench-less sewer pipe replacement for a park I own. Anyone have any experience with this system? It works like this; you run a cable through your old sewer line, attach the new sewer line to the end of the cable, and then pull the new line right through the old one. The old line breaks up and is replaced with eh new line. Seems better than using a backhoe, especially in places where you run under streets and in main utility easements with lots of electric, cable and water lines. Anyway… anyone out there with knowledge?

Did you use trenchless pipe replacement? if so, how did it turn out and do you have any contractors you would recommend?

It’s a proven system for drain pipes and should work well as long as there are no major slope issues with the current pipes.

I do NOT believe in the epoxy coating systems for pressurized supply pipes, this is snake oil IMHO.