Pile of trash in neighbors yard

Hello. I have searched for an answer on this, but my neighbor has a pile of trash that is now as tall as the 6 ft fence that runs along behind him. It has been this way for a bit as well as a pile of wood purchased approx 2 yrs ago, I thought to replace the fence between us that the person he bought the MH from never put back up. He had torn it down and it was supposed to put one back up. I can stand in my kitchen/bathroom windows or back door and easily see the pile. Couches, appliances, card board boxes, mirrors, clothing, and who knows what.

How do I go about getting this taken care of? I am in California.

What do the rules say? In the lease. Or civic ordinance? Find that out and bring to the attention of whoever’s in charge.

So that would fall under this? 798.37 ENTRY, HOOKUP, LANDSCAPING AND MAINTENANCE CHARGES
A homeowner may not be charged a fee for the entry, installation, hookup, or landscaping as a condition of tenancy except
for an actual fee or cost imposed by a local governmental ordinance or requirement directly related to the occupancy of the
specific site upon which the mobilehome is located and not incurred as a portion of the development of the mobilehome
park as a whole. However, reasonable landscaping and maintenance requirements may be included in the park rules and
regulations. The management may not require a homeowner or prospective homeowner to purchase, rent, or lease goods
or services for landscaping, remodeling, or maintenance from any person, company, or corporation


Use this notice.

I assume when you say your neighbor it’s a different landowner? MHP regulations may not apply if that’s the case. If I am reading this wrong apologies just want to make sure that’s clear.

Yes it is also in the park. Swear the pile is larger today

Are you the park owner?

If yes then serve them the notice.

If No then file a complaint with the park manager.

if you are in park and you own the land with your home, take it up with HOA.
if you are all on land rental take it up with management in writing (keep a copy for your records and date when delivered to their office or mailed return receipt) so you know when you sent it, and send photos with it showing what you can see from your house. It helps the manager get an idea of the issue of hoarding and sanitation problems.
Its also a massive fire hazard. SDGuy is right, do the complaint.

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the part in your lease that you are looking for would relate to sanitation and cleanliness of the lot - something to the effect of finding a bit that says about how there can only be such and such on the lot - bbq grills, and patio furniture, no additional excessive debris… that kind of thing. usually falls in the section near home aesthetics or yard maintenance.