Photos of Latest Mobile home remodel

First, I want to thank Lonnie again. Also all the folks who have provide such a wealth of knowledge here on the forum, and the encouragement to keep working on a ugly unit .

Being able to see a home under all the filth and make it shine again is providing a nice living for my family.

16 Photos show off “before / after” of our latest mobile home deal. Caution really icky bath room photos!

Home is a 3 bedroom 1&1/2 bath singlewide. It was junky, but the price was right.

The remodel took longer than planned… (sore knee, vacation, dang do you hear that water flowing… closing day no less - broken hot water gray poly “T” under livingroom floor - really rainy day, really muddy job)

Home is now bright, clean and has a new family who are very happy to have a nice home. Home sold before I was done, the folks had to wait 2 weeks for me to finish it up. Never even had a sign up or a ad, this sold by word of mouth. (We heard you do good work and will take payments…)

Yet, still we will make over 400% on costs of materal and hired labor.

My labor is paid in the profit…

$5,000 down, and $250.00 month for 60 months!

Now on to the next 2 homes lined up, a 3/1 singlewide remodel and a Home / Land waiting for me to finish the setup (will be a rental)

Go here for photos—

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