Phone Number for Greentree Legal

Anyone have a number for the Greentree Legal Department? I need to clear two very old titles where the lienholder has contracted with Greentree to service the account. Short version is that the homes are so old they don’t show up on the screens of the customer service guys you can reach and they won’t give you a phone number to talk with someone with authority or access to old files. My second question is whether you have found a better way to get their attention than suing for slander of title, which if I cannot get their attention by phone or letter seems to be my only option.

Todd Foster

We have a single family rental in Indiana serviced by Greentree. Below are the only numbers on the statement.

Customer Service: 800-643-0202
Correspondence and Complaints: 866-870-9919

Everything else on the statement are Federal numbers for the FTC, CFPB and Western Union. I hope one of these help you.

Thanks for the reply Bruce. The problem is that the customer service department doesn’t have any of the information I need and they will not connect you with anyone who does. They tell you that they don’t have a phone number for the legal department. Cannot say I blame the legal department with the number of foreclosures they manage, but in this case I’m trying to avoid litigation and save them time and money. So I’m looking for the Greentree Legal Department phone number because they will likely be the only people who understand my request when the information doesn’t pop up on a screen.

Todd Foster

Bruce - The owner of the loans also has a responsibility to deliver titles when they are clear regardless of who was contracted to handle the service. Both the owners of the loan and Green Tree Servicing have legal liabilities regarding title delivery. If you are looking to payoff loans for the title I would contact them via email so you have a record of doing so.

Try this guy

email format for greentree corporate looks like

if it doesn’t work just try all the different formats (fnamelname, lnamefname etc)

Email 3-5 times until you get a response.

I always start at the top and let them fwd me to the right underlings.