Pet fees

I bought a park that has a $10 per month pet fee on any home that has at least one pet. I’m trying to decide if there is any rationale to keep the pet fee when I next raise rents, or whether to just remove the pet fee and raise everyone’s rents slightly higher than I normally would. It seems like a pet fee just gives people an incentive to cheat and hide their pet if they decide to get one. Does anyone have a monthly pet fee in their park? Is there any reason to keep it?

25/mo per pet here.

I also charge $25 per pet per month. No more than 2 pets.

You’d be suprised how much people love their pets. They’ll balk at increasing rent $25 but have no problem paying a $25 Pet Fee.

At first I didn’t think the pet fee was worth it but after looking at the year end financials, the $25 does add up to a nice sum.

Dave Gerlach