Pet fees

I bought a park that has a $10 per month pet fee on any home that has at least one pet. I’m trying to decide if there is any rationale to keep the pet fee when I next raise rents, or whether to just remove the pet fee and raise everyone’s rents slightly higher than I normally would. It seems like a pet fee just gives people an incentive to cheat and hide their pet if they decide to get one. Does anyone have a monthly pet fee in their park? Is there any reason to keep it?

25/mo per pet here.

I also charge $25 per pet per month. No more than 2 pets.

You’d be suprised how much people love their pets. They’ll balk at increasing rent $25 but have no problem paying a $25 Pet Fee.

At first I didn’t think the pet fee was worth it but after looking at the year end financials, the $25 does add up to a nice sum.

Dave Gerlach

Where are people currently at with pet fees.

$35 per month plus a pet registration fee. We allow pets up to two. We are hopeful the fees will keep pets to a minimum.

We’re in Ohio. Contemplating just raising rents or focusing on the 50 pct of tenants with dogs. Our issue is the amount of dog poop that doesn’t get picked up. About to hire a dog poop clean up service.

For MH’s
$250 Up Front Fees
$25 month
Each pet

Not sure if you can charge a pet fee on lot rental in all states.

I do not charge a pet fee. It serves no purpose aside from being an additional income stream.
Residents are restricted to max two pets and enforcing comminity rules insures there are no poop or other pet issues.
We have in the past banned some dogs where owners have not respected the rules. It all comes down to enforcing rules.