Persuading bad tenants to leave without the eviction process

I have some bad tenants in my mixed  MH/RV park. I would like to coerce an RV tenant to leave.I’m thinking about offering to pay him a few hundred bucks to leave (paid after he leaves).I’m also thinking to explain that if I evict him, I will also put a lien on his RV and personal cars to recover my lost rent.I could use some help and examples on how to hustle them out. Tips are welcome.

Do what everyone on here suggests and that is non renew their month to month lease. Send certified mail.
I have done this several times.
Either they will clean up or leave
If it’s someone renting a trailer they have to go.
If they own their own trailer they more than likely will clean up because they have no where to go.
I would not give even one dollar to someone to leave as it can come back to bite you.
Communicate through notices so nothing is misconstrued.

Have you checked into your state regulations regarding RV lot rental. You may find they have zero rights and you can simply evict them immediately without issue.I also agree with Brian in regards to never paying tenants to leave. News of your policy will spread through the community. Every tenant deciding to move will first stop paying rent and then attempt to extort money out of you to leave. 

@Greg. Yep, we have checked it out. Regardless of the contract you use in a MH park, eviction requires a court order. Good advice on not buying them out.