Permitting a new MHP

I’ve been intrested in developing a MHP locally, however, I seem to keep running into opposition with regards to allowing it. It seems as though towns and/or cities won’t allow them but, how about unincorporated areas? Any suggestions on the process would be graetly appreicated!


Hi Ken,

This is where your “team” comes in handy. A good real estate agent

on your team is always an asset. If thre’s an area that’s OK for that

type of development, he’ll know about it, and who you need to talk

with if there are any questions about the property.

A good real estate attorney will know the in’s and out’s of local

real estate law and procedures, which municipal department

handles what, etc…

They’re worth the fees they charge. And “sometimes” they even

make good “partners”.

I’m i the process of buying a park myself, part of which is already

developed, and has an additional 84 acres for more development.

If it weren’t for my “team”, this would have fallen apart a long

time ago. Find’em…Use’m…Profit from thier expertise.


Marc Ferrell

London, Ontario



I’m glad you brought the fact that having a “team” working with you is so important.

I’m a little new to the business and started the process of buying my first MHP, and by starting, i reeaally mean starting… checked out the first 2 parks today.

I’m of course, eager to get the first park but am terrified of making mistakes along the way and I hadn’t given much thought to the importance of creating a real good “team” .

Any suggestions on puting together a good team would be appreciated i.e. What I should be looking for in an attorney and so forth.