Percentage of "mom & pops" left?

In a recent video, Frank says the big window of opportunity remains until th mom and pops are replaced by new buyers. At this point, what percentage of parks would you estimate are still owned by mom and pops?

Depends - do we count children and grand children of Mom and Pops? I encounter a lot of those.

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I’m not being picky :slight_smile: I’m moreso trying to figure out the percentage as it relates to REITs, institutions and professional ownership groups (like Frank & Dave). I’m wondering if it’s still like 80% mom and pops or if that number has declined significantly?

Not 80% from what I’ve seen. Much much lower.

From my experience most of the remaining “Mon and Pop”  parks are going to be bypassed by the syndicators etc simply because of numerous issues, size, water and sewage problems, small towns, POH, questionable bookkeeping, run down and yes let the kids run it totally into the pit.      So for the beginner there is some opportunity if the park can pass DD and local financing is generally available.    It can be simpler to trade for 10 parks owned by a syndicators than to buy 2 parks from Mom and Pops.

Thanks for the comments everyone.  I was just curious based on a recent report that I received from this site.  Just trying to put some color to Frank’s comments.Carl, I agree about the ease of transacting with a syndicator vs. a mom and pop.  That said, I would imagine the difficult transaction with a mom and pop may result in more upside.

I’d guess 50% Mom-n-Pop.-jl-