People who simply will not comply - or don't think they can

Guys, I need your input. How are you dealing with this - and what is working well?

We got a park last May - it has been the toughest one for us yet. The last owner did nothing to enforce anything - so it was a zoo. Sex offenders, Felons, etc, etc. Looks like a fine park, just has some bad seeds in there that we are weeding out.

We come in and we are cleaning up and out, but we are losing people like flies - and I don’t mind that - get the crap out and the good will stay - and attract more good. However, when someone leaves - these homes are all on recourse from the dealer and he pulls them - well, hell’s bells, that is too many homes to leave, so we are scrambling to buy new, doing anything to keep them in, etc, etc.

We have one home that is just a mess - siding falling off (did I ever mention I loathe V/S homes), broken windows, garbage (comes and goes as we ride them), just little stuff. I have met with them, not super bright, but not mean or intentionally brushing us off. Perfect example - We sent them a letter to clean and repair - they sent us a year’s lot rent in advance.

Here is a letter I just sent to me team this morning - they want to send the money back and boot them - I am running out of steam replacing homes faster than I can 1 - find them and 2 - can afford to do.