Payments...Walmart2Walmart Money Transfers...Thanks!

After some fun (or not so fun) Evictions we have learned a secret (probably not a secret to most of you) that we would like to share.

The secret is:

  • Walmart2Walmart Money Transfers

For our 2 MHPs we have Payments mailed to a PO Box.

Typically, Tenants either mail Personal Checks or Money Orders.

We send Monthly Bills to our Tenants.

We also text Tenants IF we do not receive their Payment.

The majority of our Tenants pay early or on time.

However, once in a blue moon we have a Tenant who has not paid & has an “Eviction Set Out” Scheduled with the Sheriff’s Deputy.

In the past we have had to “wait for the Payment” in the mail, but this causes an issue if the “Eviction Set Out” is already scheduled as the Tenant will claim “the check is in the mail”.

We have even gone to an Eviction Set Out only to follow the Tenant & Sheriff to a local ATM (supposedly they were getting money to avoid the Eviction); only to not get any money & then have the Sheriff tell us that he “wasted too much time” & could not do an Eviction Set Out.

Wow, now we have a remedy:

  • Walmart
  • Walmart2Walmart Money Transfers

IF you are needing Payment, have your Tenant try it out.

All your Tenant will need to do is:

  • Go to your nearest Walmart
  • Have Money For Payment
  • Give Walmart Your Name
  • Give Walmart The State Where You Will Pickup Money
  • Have Money For Wire Transfer Fee: $8 Charge - (In our situation)

In order to pickup Money you will need to:

  • Go to your nearest Walmart - (in the State specified)
  • Show your Driver’s License
  • Collect Money

We have had Tenants use Walmart2Walmart Money Transfers on 4 instances & have not had any issues.

Our Walmart does stop processing Walmart2Walmart Money Transfers at 8 PM. However, other Walmarts might have different hours.

For those of you already aware of this awesome little service
sorry for the interruption.

For those of you learning something new
give it a try.

We wish you the very best!


You might also want to consider collecting funds through a company called Paylease. They allow tenants to pay cash at any Walmart ($4 transaction fee the tenant pays) and Paylease deposits the money in your account. We use the service through Rent Manager so it’s seamless for book entry purposes, but I don’t think you have to have RM to use the service.

Using Paylease we now get over 1/2 of all payments electronically (ACH, credit card, debit card, or Cash at Walmart) and the cost is minimal to us.


Do you have any pushback from tenants on the additional fee? Many of our tenants use Amscot which is free, and we have been concerned about adding the fee of paylease or any of the other services.

@Suburban , thank you for your post!

I saw Paylease and thought that was very interesting.

I just could not figure out if you could use Paylease alone (without Rent Manager). If you can, that is awesome!

Thank you again!

Last I checked there was a minimum number of units required to use Paylease alone (without Rent Manager). It used to be quite low (I believe 50 units), but according to this post in Sept 2018 it was up to 250 units: Paylease through Rent Manager - #17 by CCon

I like the walmart2 walmart option. The more options to collect the better. We use PayLease and RentManager. Best thing ever. They can pay cash at Walmart, online from their phone or with an ACH transfer. Credits payments to rentmanager accts. automatically. Many of my tenants do not have email addresses and some do not have bank accounts. In one case the nearest cashpay location is too far. Still, we are pushing to get everyone to adopt one of these options. We have started to charge $5 higher rent if they don’t . Some kick and scream, but they will get there.

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You can also use Tenants can pay with cash at any MoneyGram location (Walmart, etc.) and money is automatically transferred to your bank account. There are no minimum number of units required. Another big advantage is that you can instantly turn on/off the ability for a tenant to pay
if you are trying to evict a tenant, you can immediately stop a tenant from making a payment if you want.


@Matt223 & @poharen & @Kris , thank you very much for responses!

We greatly appreciate it!


  • My love affair with Walmart2Walmart has ended.

We used Walmart2Walmart successfully for 4 transactions (3 Different Tenants).

Last week one of the above Tenants sent another Walmart2Walmart transaction.

When my husband arrived at Walmart to collect the transaction, the Walmart Employee said:
1st: Walmart is having ‘Computer Problems’
2nd: Then ‘Computer Problems’ were resolved
3rd: Then the Walmart2Walmart Transaction was in their ‘Compliance Department’ & the money could not be received
4th: Walmart2Walmart canceled the Transaction - Why? - No one would say
5th: Walmart2Walmart Sender could get a refund & would have to resend transaction

Thus, the end result is that someone in the ‘Compliance Department’ decided that this transaction (payment for rent) was bad & canceled the transaction.

When I called Walmart2Walmart to ask why this transaction was canceled, the only response was something was either bad on the Sender side or Receiver side. When I asked about the Receiver side, they would not tell me as I was not the Receiver (my Husband would have to call back & ask).

After this experience I googled Walmart2Walmart and found lots and lots of ‘Canceled Transactions’ with no explanations.

For us the last experience was a big waste of time.

If you use Walmart2Walmart, we wish you lots of ‘Successful Transactions’ :slight_smile: .

How did you get the residents with no emails to get on board with PayLease? Did you text them their new PayLease account ID?