Patience Pays Off

Congratulations are due to our newest soon-to-be “trailer tycoons”…Jim and Ellen Brenn. This outstanding couple has been searching for the right mobile home park for over two years.

Last Friday they become the proud owners of a 75 space park in Alabama with some great upside potential.

I can’t wait to see the progress.

Way to go guys!


Jim and Ellen,

I would like to be next in line to send my congratulations, you have both worked long and hard to find your park. I must say after having seen it a month or so back, it really is a winner and knowing both of you it’s a guaranteed success story. Best of luck, please call if I can be of any assistance.


Steve, we could not have accomplished this without your assistance! Life has already gotten more interesting, because Jim is now in Alabama and I am still in Florida!

Therefore, Jim is doing some of the stuff I would do if I was up there, and I am doing some of the stuff he did here…I have already had tenant problems in the week he has been gone, which we have never had here. He, of course, has found that most of the tenants in the park we bought don’t know how to pay regular rent, so there will be a learning curve for them, I think.

We have totally confused people because we switched cell phones. He always used his for business, but few people had my number. I am now answering “his” phone and he has changed my number to an Alabama one for business up there. We intend to keep one Florida and one Alabama number, because we now have business interests both places.

He found a home in the park that is owned by a major company that has over $4,000 due in back rent. Needless to say, it has been empty a long time. It is a 2000 General, so he is trying to work a deal so we buy it. They, apparently, did not know it was there!

We do not have computer access there yet, so Jim can’t read any posts. (I, however, have plenty of access!)

There will be a tenant meeting tomorrow evening, and they will all get a set of the rules for the park. Most of them are rules that were there before, but none of them have been enforced. He counted 35 problem vehicles on a tour through the park the day before closing. All of them park on the grass.

I am looking forward to see how much he gets done by the time I go up for a week in mid-August. I have only been there once, but was really impressed with the appearance for an underperforming park. The wide streets and curbs have a lot to do with that.

We are looking forward to making some of the same progress that Fred and Daphne and John have made.

Congratulations! Now I know where the next MOM will be at. Southern or Northern Alabama?

Glad you guys finally found what you were looking for. I wish you good luck with it!

Jim called me last night to tell me all about the park and was getting ready to go into his first meeting with the residents. He asked if I could get him Sandy Shearer’s number but I haven’t been able to find her card from MHM IV. Sorry. I have a number for Georgianna Chamberlain who knows Sandy and would be able to give him her number. It’s 727-796-7348 in Clearwater.

I hope the process goes ok with that park. Its always a challenge to take over a lazy park and make them follow the rules. Hope you got your eviction procedures down pat!

Good luck!

Jim Pack (FL)

Congrats Jim & Ellen!! I thought of you guys last week as we were driving through Troy in the moving truck. I wondered if you had closed yet. It’s great to hear that it all worked out for you. I’ll be headed back through next weekend (Saturday probably) on the way back to FL. I’d love to stop by and take a look at the new place.


John Perry

John (and All)

Feel free to drop by at any time!

Congrats Jim & Ellen,

From us here in New York state.