Passing of Residents -No Will/Estate?

We have an older population in our park. Some of these residents have very little assets, if any. As such, no estate or will. What strategy is used to prevent using the abandonment process that requires the eviction process? Any solutions? I’ll have to see if this is discussed in the Bootcamp too.

In some states, an eviction is required before you can pursue the abandoned home process. In that case, you would file eviction against the deceased owner of the home. It should be fairly straightforward.

I would skip trace possible next of kin and work out something with them. $1-$5 if you do it yourself. Maybe $30-$50 to have your eviction attorney’s paralegal or a process server do it for you. Takes 5-10 mins max if you have any amount of experience doing such things

We would need to file for eviction and subsequently get title following the abandonment process. It takes take and money so I has hoping for a proactive cheaper option.

The next of kin are not usually helpful. First, they are not the legal owners, so they cannot legally transfer title. Second, if they are bequeathed the home from the owner who did not have a will, then it will have to go through probate. Third, if the next may not want to hire an attorney to go through the probate process, which can cost more than the home is worth.

Last time we did this in Ohio, it was more expensive and time consuming to go through the probate process than the value of the unit, so the next of kin just abandoned it. In the end, we filed eviction against the deceased and had title in 8 weeks for under $1,000.