Parks for sale in Arizona

Does anyone know of any smaller parks for sale in Arizona, maybe 10-25 spaces? Maybe some that are too small for a larger investor to invest in? I have a broker and he has found zero for me. I have looked on MobileHomeParkStore, Loopnet, and cold called park owners, and have had zero luck! Any help would be greatly appreciated!Thanks!Steve

I don’t know of any.  But if that is your focussed geography, then start doing research and outreach on your own.  Reach out to sellers directly.  Send postcard mailers and/or call them directly.  You can get lists of park owners by attending Bootcamp and/or by researching owners with each county’s real estate assessor’s office.  You can visually see and determine which parks are small by looking on Google Maps and focus on those.Good luck!-jl-

Several months ago I saw some small parks in the range of 19 to 37 spaces, as I recall, in Arizona on the Mobile Home Park Store website. It occured to me that there might be an opportunity in the MHP business to own several small parks all within a few miles of each other and run them as if it were one park. That is, one manager would oversee all of them and they would be operated under the same rules. Any parks that are adjacent, which I saw on a maps program, could be assembled into a single park for economies of scale or for packaging to sell to a bigger investor. The bottom line is that I think there is an opportunity here for someone that wants to do the legwork. These will all be questions that I have at the January Bootcamp for which I am signed up.

So, is anybody out there doing assemblage for MHP’s or buying multiple small parks and running them as one park? Perhaps these questions should start a new thread.

Jim Allen

Tom Hoch520 400 0898Parkproperties@aol.comHe has been very helpful.  You could try Pete Peterson, he has several small park listings, but getting them to respond to anything is a challenge.