Parking Restrictions / What To Do With A Semi Tractor Trailer

Hello all! I’ve had a truck driver inquire about moving into my park and buying one of my Lonnie Deals. He sounds great, but would want to park his semi tractor trailer in the park.

My gut tells me we don’t want this sort of thing parked in the park. But please let me know your thoughts. And/or what are other solutions for dealing with and parking rigs? I’m thinking a neighboring property might allow him to park it there…

I have one lady who drives a truck and she was already living here and parking her truck (tractor only) in front of her home when I bought the place. She is usually only here about 1 week out of the entire month. Her home is at the very end of my upper road with neighbors on just one side. I let her keep parking her truck in front of her home. The other residents don’t seem to mind and she makes so few trips on the road there is probably no damage being done.

I would not extend this same courtesy to anyone else who wants to move in. I would just say her use is “grandfathered.”


I agree with Rolf. If someone was like his tenant, it seems ok to Grandfather in, but not continue with any new tenants.

Depending on roads in your park as to what damage might be done. We have concrete roads and concrete parking pads. I had a truck driving man and wife buy a home in our park, first home in on the left. Bright Orange Tractor. He asked about bringing it in. I was very polite, but completely refused. We had this discussion before him buying a repo from me. He understood and has complied so far. He parks in a parking lot across the street when he is in town. I did not want it in there because that big ole thing is just unsightly if trying to keep a park looking nice or trying to turn one around. And it is heavy and the roads might be ok, but the parking pad would surely suffer. And you know turning that big thing around he would have to drive off in the grass causing ruts.

good luck,

Mark C

over the road truckers in the Park and I love 'em. they are home one week in five and are excellent payors.The trucks are a problem and the way both folks solved the problem was to park on a vacant property within 2 blocks of our park. They pay 35 bucks a month and can walk to their home.

we have a 2 car rule per home…more than that and they are parked off of the property.