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Does anyone have a signage company that they’ve been satisfied with? I am looking to purchase and install an aluminum sign with pvc posts for a the front of a property, and also some way finding signage. Thank you!

Where are you located? It makes a difference as to the type of sign and support you use. If you are in northern climate with cold weather, you need to close attention as to the quality and construction of the signs and supports. I’m in a tough, zone 5, climate and I buy only heavy aluminum signs covered with a decal material. Posts are pressure-treated and set ate least 3’ into the ground. Even this arrangement breaks down over time.

Any good sign company should be able to both make the signs and assist you in designing them. Find a designer who is creative and have some fun. You can design and make just about anything you can think of.

Frank has some ideas as to color. He’s been in the billboard business so you might want to listen to what he has to say.

Go to my homepage and check out the two graphics on the top of my home page. This is a miniature version of what is on the highway. Catches your attention. I designed it and worked with the sign shop until he got it just the way I liked.


Wheat Hill


Thank you for your helpful reply. I too am in a cold weather area, and think that the type of sign you have makes a lot of sense for this property.


Almost all of our signs are built at FastSigns in Overland Park, Kansas.

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