Park rules

I’ve seen a couple of threads where people were asking for copies of park rules. Would it be possible to have a resource section here where people posted their park rules? Of course laws vary between states so it’s not a good idea to just copy another park’s rules, but at least it would give us potential new park owners a starting point.

You can look at my park rules on my website

Nice website and set of rules. Can you tell us more about how you go about enforcing the rules. Say the skirting is coming off or you found a pet. You send a notice, nothing happens. What are your next steps?

well we recently had an incident where a tenant decided to put up a trampoline. we had our manager deliver a notice of violation which gives 3 days to remove the problem. the tenant yelled at our manager and threw the paper in her face. well now im pissed no one treats our manager like that. an eviction was filed, they were served, we had our day in court and in a couple days they will be out. not only that but they couldnt afford to move thier trailer and they owed us for a couple months they decided not to pay because they knew they were getting evicted for what they did. and they signed over the trailer to us.

it all worked out great for us.

i felt bad for thier children, but I will not tolerate abuse towards my managers

p.s. on troublesome cases a real lawyer puts some fear into them. it costs more but thier tune changes quickly

We evict for rules violations as well. There is no way we can upgrade and improve our park and make it a nice community to live in if the tenants rule. (And they did before we took it over!)

The downside to that is that if you actually get to the point of going to court it is taking a LONG time in Alabama. We filed an eviction with the court in late September on one home (owned by the person) and went to court on 11/5. We were given the order of eviction as well as a judgment on past due monies. The order was written on 11/7. At that point the tenant has 7 days to appeal (we don’t know yet if he did). If he appeals we go back to court. He has 14 days from the date of the judgement (barring an appeal) to move his home out. That date comes up on Wednesday. They are still living here, no mover has contacted us about moving it out. If he doesn’t move out by Wednesday, we are told we go back to court. In other words it will take a lot of time!

This is our first eviction that has gotten as far as court. All the others pulled their homes out before that point, or moved out of ours. We have another one that will follow this one, and this woman will stay in it as long as she possibly can. Perhaps our ace-in-the-hole here is that it has a GreenTree lien and they are having issues with her too. In this case it may be that they will foreclose on her before our eviction occurs! Regardless, she has a retirement check that we can garnish, and will. (She has now not paid us for 3 months and we do not yet have a court date.)