Park Road Replacement Cost

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I am speaking with the owners of a northern park who are interested in selling. I noticed the asphalt roads looked pretty bad on the satellite imagery. Owners admit roads are in rough shape and have found patching with gravel has worked better than other methods. Extensive patching has been done to this point. Can anyone speak to the costs of repaving a 70 lot park? I have seen one or two $ per square foot estimates on here but that is hard for me to quantify as I have not been to the park to measure. A per pad or whole park figure would be most helpful.

Also the seller mentioned the water lines are “double lined plastic (flexible)” and the sewer lines are “cement tile not clay.” Do these lines exist? What are your thoughts on them?

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It’s tough to say without knowing how much road you have, which will vary park by park. I suggest you get three bids from pavers. They can simply drive through the park and then provide an estimate based on what you what done. Also, have a plumber put a camera down the sewer lines to confirm - either way, you’ll want to have a camera run through them. He can also likely tell you what the water lines are made of. I’m sure they’ve been patched over time and they aren’t all the same material.

My 75 lot park cost $65k to chip 'n seal four years ago. Last summer I spent $26k topping off the asphalt in my 38 lot park.

You can use google earth measuring tool to measure out the roads ( if the trees make it visible )

I had half of my 22 lot park seal coated, and the other half a couple inches of fresh asphalt laid this year. Price was 17k

Thank you all.

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