Park Owners I have a question for you

I don’t want to make the assumption that all park owners on this site do their own LDs in their own parks. It makes sense that you would, but i’m guessing that some of you don’t. Or even those that do, maybe you didn’t when you first started. My question is this:

Any park owners have someone else doing Lonnie deals within their parks? If so, what kind of deal do you have with the Lonnie Dealer in regards to lot rent, background/credit checks?, etc.?

This is what I have just started offering:

$2K to move a home into my park.

No lot rent until it sells.

I show and take application.

Acceptance of applicant is a mutually agreed upon sort of thing.

If the home gets taken back, then there is no lot rent until it sells.

Talking to two potential Lonnie Dealers right now.


Wheat Hill MHC


How far are you from Harrison, OH (Near cincinnatti i believe) and how far are you from Columbus, OH.

There are Lonnie dealers in my Group in those two areas who may be able to help out.

It takes me about 4 hours to get to Columbus so Cincinnatti is way far away. I’m about 25 miles south of Y-Town and there ain’t a whole lot of creativity or energy in the way people do business here.


Wheat Hill