Park model possibilities

I have one empty space. In an effort to save cost and bypass my city’s requirements for bringing a new mobile home into the park, what about a park model? I understand they’re classed as RV’s, though I know I’d have to verify this with the city. Anyone have any experience with them? My park is in a blue collar town, certainly not a retirement zone. Would it be considered adequate for one or two people? Any thoughts?



Don’t do it. If you do that you will permanently downgrade that lot. Why would you chose to turn a MH lot into a RV lot.

Look opportunistically on Craigslist for a 2000-or-newer vinyl/shingle mobile home, and bring that in. Bring in the biggest home you can fit on the lot. 4BR homes are killer. You’ll find a large unmet housing need for larger homes if you can find an bring in. Perfect for blue collar towns where there are lots of larger families.

My 2 cents worth,


What are the demographics of the community. Size of lots, size of homes, family’s, singles, older, younger etc.