Park Lot Rent Payment Methods

How does everyone usually take payment for lot rent do you use any of the following: Cash, Personal Checks, Money Orders, Credit Card? I know each payment method has its advantages and disadvantages such as security, fraud and even actual theft of the payment. I know some of you are even scanning your rent checks in for deposit. The other thought I even had was letting the bank take care of the rent payments which would require each lot rent number on deposit. My bank even offers on the ATM machine itself scanning checks and depositing them in a bank account 24 hour service. The other option would be a P.O. Box for payments or a locked mailbox at the park but that would be risky. I am trying to figure out which would be the easiest method for renter and owner. If I let the ATM machine take care of it that would mean I would not need to have any cash laying around an office to go deposit. The only other thing I would need to check is for late fees on late rent. The other thing would be what about rent receipts with automated payments? What does everyone else think the easiest form of payment is you are using in you park?