Park Lighting? Anybody find anything less expensive than Gamasonic?

I have a dark park that I purchased 9 months ago. We have some lighting coming off of telephone poles but nothing for individual homes. I know Gamasonic makes a good product but at close to $500 (light & pole) for each mobile home is a price I can’t pay right now. I found some cheap solar lights for about $80 each (light only) but they are kind of the wrong shape. They are flat and look a little institutional (like a prison).

Has anyone found a less expensive lighting solution for a lamp-type of solar light?

I would also love to hear what others are doing!

There is NO way to get cheap lighting at individual lots. I have electric post lights and they can be high maintenance at times. I have a few GAMO solar post lights where I have wiring issues and they are weak and dependent on sunlight hours and a battery with maybe a 2 yr life. If you have some electric pole lights now I would suggest some bright LED’s for now and budget in individual lot lights over time.

Do you have a link to the video?

I have used this one successfully for the past approx. 8 months. It’s bright and I have it set to stay on from dusk to dawn. I bought it from Amazon. I had it installed on a park power pole just to test it out before I invested in putting them throughout the park. I will be adding them to the security lights I already have through our power company just as a back up in a power outage.

400W Solar Street Flood Light Outdoor, NIORSUN Motion Sensor Dusk to Dawn Solar Light with Remote Control IP67 Waterproof for Parking Lot, Stadium, Garden, Pathway(Bright White)

While shopping at Costco, I met a friend who told me about this solar lamp post from Solar Smart Creations. The 3 lights are super bright, which is a plus. Although I wish the light boxes would be more secure instead of pop on. Gives the area you put it at some elegance considering that it’s plastic.