Park Lighting? Anybody find anything less expensive than Gamasonic?

I have a dark park that I purchased 9 months ago. We have some lighting coming off of telephone poles but nothing for individual homes. I know Gamasonic makes a good product but at close to $500 (light & pole) for each mobile home is a price I can’t pay right now. I found some cheap solar lights for about $80 each (light only) but they are kind of the wrong shape. They are flat and look a little institutional (like a prison).

Has anyone found a less expensive lighting solution for a lamp-type of solar light?

I would also love to hear what others are doing!

There is NO way to get cheap lighting at individual lots. I have electric post lights and they can be high maintenance at times. I have a few GAMO solar post lights where I have wiring issues and they are weak and dependent on sunlight hours and a battery with maybe a 2 yr life. If you have some electric pole lights now I would suggest some bright LED’s for now and budget in individual lot lights over time.

Do you have a link to the video?

I have used this one successfully for the past approx. 8 months. It’s bright and I have it set to stay on from dusk to dawn. I bought it from Amazon. I had it installed on a park power pole just to test it out before I invested in putting them throughout the park. I will be adding them to the security lights I already have through our power company just as a back up in a power outage.

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