Park for Sale - 70 miles outside St Louis Metro

Mobile home park for sale 70 miles outside of St Louis metro.

72 lots
43 occupied
City water, city sewer (master metered water. Individually metered and invoice each tenant based on usage monthly. Most of the water costs are recovered this way)

Only 6 park owned homes and all are under “Bond for deed” agreements with tenants.

Purchase price for park including 72 total lots - $750,000

Plus $75,000 to include purchase of 6 Bond for Deed homes. All in good condition and manufactured in 2000’s except one was built in 1996.

Total Purchase price - $825,000

It’s priced at a 10 cap so its a solid deal.

This park is under contract with the owner.

We would move forward but since we started working on this deal in April some new projects have come our way and we don’t have the capacity to acquire another mobile home park right now.

We are looking to receive an assignment on this deal. Please email for basic financials and additional questions. Please email only if you are very serious about the purchase of the park and willing to pay a reasonable assignment.

Is this in MO or IL? What are lot rents?

IL. 215/month

You can email and I can send you the info over.