Park Financing Double check

Hello all,
I have an individual I am talking with from one of the posts. He is offering a possible loan to purchase a park with exceptional rates and terms. I am trying to validate if this is a legitimate company. Does anyone know Martin Fraser? He is with Kvvanto Global. He states he has done loans for several people on this forum. Can anyone give me a review?

hi Ben,
I would love to learn more about what he’s offering you. I am in the process of purchasing a park and could use a good lead.

thank you!

He offered a 4% loan. Send me you email and I can forward your info to him. I just need to verify it is legite.

that sounds wild.
here it is

If it sounds too good to be true well I think we know the rest. Make sure you don’t pay any up front fees. Let us know how this lender works out.

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Ya I wouldn’t be sending any personal information to anyone offering a loan at 4% these days

Yep @Ben.hancock just like Celectric says. NEVER pay any upfront fees. I’ve had a one or two ask me to do so, and I call them on it big time. At which time, they ghost me knowing I’m onto their little scam.

Vet this “lender” well:
-what is the last loan you made (property address)?
-are you a direct lender or broker? If broker, what brokerage house?
-Communicate: Make them run a call or zoom call - no texting out the gate
-bank/lending structure: how backed? private fund, money line, institution?

If they hesitate or cant answer all of these legimately, you should walk.

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Ain’t no way, no how. Scam.

You can go buy a 9-month CD @ 4.9%. Explain why anyone would lend at 4%. Naahhhhh

Why would anyone lend at less than a Risk-Free Savings rate? 5/17/2024 Taken from

This is 100% a scam artist. Many of these fraudsters have common themes:

  1. Poor English/grammar on their website. I looked at the link and it fits. This is a foreign based scam.
  2. Try and search them online and there is no information on the individuals. Have you even known a mortgage or real estate sales person whose contact information is difficult to find online? No way!
  3. This person will give some flimsy excuse why their investors require that they collect the closing/underwriting fee upfront. Honestly, this is the only question you have to ever ask. If they want upfront, run!!