Park Closing renders MH worthless

I am an owner of 3 units in a mobile home park (one is primary residence) I was notified that the park is closing. I was able to sell one unit at a discount and still have one to sell, both of which can be moved. However because of the way my primary residence unit was constructed it is “unmovable” and is thereby rendered worthless and must be bulldozed. Does anyone know if I can take my financial loss on this home as a loss on my tax return.?? IRS code says that casualty losses (primary residence or rental) must be sudden, unexpected and unusual event. It certainly was unexpected and unusual.

I would sure as heck take it as a loss if I was in your situation and if what you say about the IRS code is true. Keep a copy of your last property tax bill as evidence that it was a home with value in case the IRS wants to argue with you about it.