Park built 1950 clay tile sewer line. How much capex should I reserve?

The Park was built in 1950 with all clay tile sewer line. From google search, claytile sewer lasts 60 to 70 years before it needs replacement. So by now it’s at the end of its life already.

How much capex should I reserve ever year?

Any current failures? How big is the park? I’d get a rough estimate from a local contractor and go from there. One recent job in the northeast for me was $50/foot (labor + materials) for a 6” main.

Well have the lines scoped during DD, it is the only way to know the condition.

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Jim is 100% correct. We bought a park 5 years ago that had clay sewer pipe mains and laterals. The park was built in 1973 and we heard all the usual rumors - all the pipes are collapsed, needs complete replacement, etc. After having the lines inspected we found out none of this was true. We recently sold the park but during those 5 years, we never once replaced any sewer mains. We did replace some laterals on empty lots as a preventative measure prior to setting new homes.

Now, this park was on public sewer. If you have a treatment plant, you must consider the risk that any crack will contribute to infiltration problems. We are currently turning around a park that has all PVC sewer pipes that work just fine…until it rains. Then, our sewer plant becomes overburdened due to all the excess ground water seeping into the lines.

The video will tell you what you need to know. Watch every inch of that video. You own them, you might as well know what they look like.