Paperwork advice on 1st mobile seller/finance deal


Thanks for all helpful info in other threads. I’m in Wisconsin, and just got my first mobile home. It was part of an estate. I picked up the keys and title from the estate attorneys office on Friday. I have a couple who turned in their park application, and agreed to put 2k down, and $400 a month for 36 months.

I’m having trouble finding information on the correct paperwork to make the deal legit. All I really have is the sample’s in the back of “deals on wheels” book. Is contacting a real estate attorney the best plan? I’m not great with these type of legal documents, but definately need correct paperwork to use on each deal.

Thanks so much if you can point me in the right direction!


Focus on the SAFE Act – that’s what you have to make sure you are in accordance on. The traditional creation of a mortgage is out the door until SAFE is appealed or modified. Contact your state MHA and see what the SAFE laws are doing in your state. You may also have dealer license issues if you sell more than one home per year.