Paint product as a floor covering?

After buying another roll of carpet due to another trashed MH, I’m trying to think outside the box. What about using a paint product as the finished floor surface? It would be easy to clean up, maybe only touch up would be needed, and it would take fewer manhours for make ready. It would need to be heavy duty industrial grade, maybe similar to garage floor paint. You might also have to use a smooth plywood as the subfloor. I know Frank likes to use sheet vinyl for the whole house but this might be a good alternative. Of course this would be for low end homes. The resident could always use throw rugs as needed in certain areas.

Any comments?



I just don’t see paint working well on the floor surface of the MH. I think Frank is right on this one. Someone else out there correct me if I am wrong. Throw rugs are still a good idea on the vinyl flooring

An employee once asked Sam Walton why the interior walls of the Walmart were a boring grey color. The employee thought that sales would go up they were bright, cheerful colors. Sam Walton said to the kid, “O.K., do it, try it, and see what happens. If sales go down or stay flat, then paint it back to grey”. I think that experimentation is the key to success in life – as long as you impartially measure the results like any good scientist.

I think you’re idea of painting the floors might work. There are some modern paint products that are very durable. Give it a try on one mobile home and see what happens. If it works, I might start proposing that over vinyl in those cases. If it fails, you can always put vinyl or carpet over it. Just tell us all what happens.


Your idea just might work. The following articles may help. Good luck

Have painted several wood, waffer board, concrete and partical board floors. I would recomend you patch all the seams, screw holes if any and any other holes or deep spots first. Second use a decent primer (exterior type). Third apply two coats of paint and follow that with a few coats of polycoat. Your floor will look great, wear well, clean easily and last for many years. And you can change it by lightly sanding off the gloss and repriming and painting when you get sick of the color! sis

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They make porch paint. It’s suppose to be quite durable. I’ve seen it at Lowe’s. Home Depot may have it as well.

I, in fact, use that on my porches – great idea. It is very durable and self-levelling. As a side note. many early American houses had painted floors, so it must have worked at some time in history.