Paint Colors

Picking out colors for the exterior painting of homes is pretty far from my area of expertise. Does anyone have a couple of sets of colors they use on each park?

Take the color samples from Home Depot of Lowes and walk up to the new homes in the park and copy those colors exactly – don’t be a pioneer. The colors you’ll find are pleasing tones of green, tan, brown, gray and white. Do NOT invent new colors, as they always turn out awful (I’ve done it several times and you think it’s going to turn out Martha Stewart and it turns out Roseanne).

Take your lead from the colors of vinyl siding in new stick built homes in subdivisions. You will find they generally use muted neutral colours. Light yellows, blue, tan etc.

Stay away from gaudy bright or unusual colors, you want to blend in not stand out.

The first home we painted we chose a light blue. Unfortunately HD mixed it wrong and once painted it looked like something you would find in a ghetto (bright blue). We repainted it the next day with the correct colour. Afterwards all the neighbours said they were shocked and disappointed with our first colour selection and thanked us for repainting so quickly.

If you’re having a contractor paint the units they’ll probably put up a couple samples free of charge. At least that’s how they do it in Arizona.