Paid the remainder

of our only HML off today YEH!!! Anyone reading the hard Money blues thread below knows we worked very hard to get this done.

We had to take a breather on our L/H pac until more cash comes in. We still have concrete apron, skirting, pergo, base molding, appliances, decks (approx 10K) but should have these funds after this rent cycle.

Will have 48K in the deal and it will appraise for 89K or so. We will rent for a year or two at 1K per month until our market comes up a bit.

We won’t borrow more HM unless “the deal of the Century” comes by (or a nice L/O Park). Our market is very unstable right now:

Parts of florida has home values going down 22% here in one year. Sheesh. The media are actually fanning this slowdown I think. I still eat on the Wendy’s dollar menu and use my scooter whenever I can to save gas. We all try and do what we can

I live about the same with money or without a lot of money…

We are seeing increased retail activity!!! maybe we have turned the corner here in Florida

A good day,