Packaging Plant and Well Water Costs

Hi Frank et al,

In the self study course, both you and Dave say that in the top ten worst things for a park are packaging plants and well water. Is it that you just have a strong preference for City wage and sewer, or should I just pass on a park with either one of these?

I am looking at a park with a packaging plant and well water. The park is shy of 100 lots. This park and some others I have looked at have packaging plant costs of $12k to $16k annually. Is there a rule of thumb regarding the costs to run a packaging plant and also water testing/sampling? Also, should I use the 60x factor if the park has a well and packaging plant and does not charge these costs to the tenants?

Also, what is the best way to begin charging tenants for the cost of the packaging plant and well water, and what methodology did you recommend to allocate these costs?

Thanks, Bob