PA Mobile home dealers

Hello group. I’m looking to connect with a PA MH dealer. I have questions about placing a 12 home order and contemplating getting a PA dealers license myself.

Please reach out if you’re looking to network with a very active deal finder. I may be able to help you find your next off market transaction.

Thanks in advance


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Hi Dominick
I’d be interested in an off-market deal sure. I’m in western NJ and an experienced RE investor, just in this space.
Reach out whenever you like.
908 642 3200

Hi Kevin,
Im in PA and target off market deals with solid numbers & cash flow. Would you be interested in touching base?

Hi John

Yeah absolutely interested . I have lots of experience in RE investing but not in MHPs.

I’m probably suited for a mom-and-pop park to get my feet wet. However, if a great larger deal came around I’ll figure something out to get it done.

10% + cap rate with value-added features seems where most buyers want to be, especially heading into a recession. Although I guess you can make a case that a recession will send more people to MHPs.

Call me anytime if you like, If I don’t answer just leave a message.

908 642 3200 cell

Hi Dominic,

I am a PA mobile Dealer and also operate 2 communities. We received our license 2 years ago and it was a lot of work. I’m happy to help with any questions. Feel free to ping me if you’d like to have a conversation.


Interested in Texas. Thank you.

Hey Dominic,

I am a marketer for a couple of wholesale dealers who buy in PA. DM any questions you have. Would love to connect ya’ll.