Oxidation Ponds


I am looking a deal in which the park has an oxidation pond vs. septic tanks ect.

The park is in a fairly rural area.

Pros/Cons of the deal?


Tim Dorst

My MHP has sewage treatment Lagoon system. They are not all created equal. If yours has been permited (licensed) by DNR for a number of households, and your MHP occupancy is less than the maximum permited, has not had permit lapse for non-payment of fees, has discharge samples within permissable levels, then proceed. If they meet the above criteria, you will find that they serve their purpose much better than septics.

If I had it to do over again I would not own a park with a sewer treatment plant and lagoon system. We have to maintain all the sewer and water lines. On the other hand city owned sewer and water lines would be maintained other than by us.