Owner/seller sold home to tenant and gave title to them but never get title transferred. What to do?

The owner sold homes to tenants and gave original titles to them but the tenants never register to DMV in order to acquire titles under their name.

I can’t comprehend why anyone wouldn’t want to be a titles owner of their home.

How should I proceed?

Some people just don’t know the process. Help them and show them the form to fill out and where to take it. They will probably think you’re amazing.


In my opinion, sadly the majority of residents won’t file the title no matter what you do (they’ve lost it, don’t want to the pay the fee, lazy, etc). If it’s a really classy park maybe this one will be different though.

I personally wouldn’t be very concerned. Let’s say a resident never filed the title, and 8 years later the home gets an electrical fire and someone gets injured. You won’t be anywhere on the title chain (only the previous owner would) so it seems difficult for anyone to pin blame or liability on you. I’m no legal expert though, and I would talk to an attorney about the situation.