Owner requesting utility copies

Have static on holiday park. With permission from owner,(owner won’t let us receive mail - he returns to sender), to receive urgent meds that I had left in USA, Fed-Ex duly arrived with parcel, receptionist rang owner to ask if it was OK for her to sign for it: he said no. When I asked why I hadn’t been called to come collect it he said “I sent someone down, you weren’t there”. When I arranged to meet Fed-Ex guy to sign for it a few days later, he said the receptionist made the call and told him she wasn’t allowed to sign. The driver nor anybody was sent to me.

I have now received a letter from owner, with copies of Fed-Ex delivery documents, asking for utility bills as proof that I am not using my static for residential purposes.

I have had my static here for 3 years.

For personal reasons I sold my house last May and moved in with my daughter: bought this static and another one 4 hrs drive away to use as a base when visiting my sick Daughter. I also have a ‘Granny apartment’ with my family in USA.

So, although I finance the utility accounts where I live, my name is not on them.

In the last year I have been here, approx 20 weeks.

Can anyone advise me as to where I stand?