Owner Financing...Tenant Not Paying Rent...Who Is Responsible?

One of our Tenants (whom we were under the impression had Title to their mobile home) owes back rent.We just learned that the Tenant was Owner Financing the home and the Title is still in the name of the person doing the Financing.Also, this mobile home has roof damage with a tarp over the roof (very unsightly) and we need the roof repaired.Who is responsible for the mobile home?  Tenant or The Person Doing The Owner Financing (whose name is on the Mobile Home Title)Thanks So Very Much!

I would suspect the answer would depend on the contract between the tenant and the seller. As mobiles
Are titled like cars, it is possible a sales contract is in place. However it is more likely a rental type agreement is in place.

I would serve notice to the trailer owner to evict, you may be able to get the trailer as a result. As frank often suggests, you may be able to buy cheaply to make the problem go away.

I think the answer is- both. The title- or tax records- should tell you were to serve a notice to the owner (financier). I would serve a notice to both parties, same notice. I would give them- x number of days to contact you with a plan to have the home repaired. I would also note- at the bottom of the page, a copy of the notice will remain in the file as proof such notice was delivered, and a copy of the notice will be provided to the code violations department if requested. 

Dean & Jim, thank you so very much!We greatly appreciate your wisdom!