Outdoor cameras

I have a small park (10 spaces) located 250 miles away and am looking for a cost effective way to monitor the place. Like the idea of a camera. Does anyone have any experience or recommendations on how to set this up? It’s in northern WI so it has to stand up to some cold temps.



I have many cameras monitoring my properities with remote access, just no experience with very cold weather. How do you want to monitor, live or just review recorded events? If it is live, you will need high speed internet like DSL or cable available to send the images over the internet. I use Linux computers as a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) for reliability over the buggy Windows versions. One of the suppliers I use is www.KCUSA.com in Miami. For about $600 they will send you a four channel system, it is basically a Celeron PC with a special card for the cameras, the software is on a chip not the hard drive. Very easy to set up and problem free.

Keep in mind that the weakest link is always the camera, buy the best you can afford.

Good luck.

You can buy heated domes that will protect the camera