Our company buys and sells mobile homes all over the united states

Hello, at Gold Standard Acquisitions we buy and sell mobile homes. We are currently operating in 16 states and expanding! Our goal is to create a transparent and solid service for our customers and clients. We would love to infill your parks as well as buy any homes that fit our criteria! Used mobile homes is our bread and butter, though we do have a partner that has 2022 Oak Creek mobile homes coming from Texas with less than a month backlog. Contact us for any questions or offers at 316-847-7743. My email is Dustingoldstandard@gmail.com. Our website is http://goldstandardacquisitions.com, you can also find us on Instagram.

Great! FaceBook facilitates a new business plan. Poacher scans FB, buys a low-end MH before the Manager or Owner hears about it, then begins his game of musical chairs [re:MH’s] from one Park to the next. Poacher and the mover make a little money and the Park gets an empty lot. Which of course the poacher can fill for you. Do I have this correct? If not please tell all of us Owners/Investors on here how it works.

Hi Jay! Thank you for reaching out to us. I will gladly explain to you how this works. We simply provide a service to Owner occupants, Private investors, Mobile home park owners, other wholesalers, as well as we work with a handful of dealers and manufacturers such as Oak Creek, Champion, Skyline, Titan and more to come. We are currently in the works of moving into the retail side of things as well as maintaining the wholesale. We are also working on opening a Toter service under another LLC To become a one stop shop so to speak. WE will eventually move into wholesaling parks but for now we have provided a steady affordable service to all of our customers and clients. If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to me by email or phone at: Dustingoldstandard@gmail.com 316-847-7743

Sounds like a plan that might survive in a booming economy. Unfortunately we’re heading into the mother of all recessions. Record inflation of 15%+ when you add back in food and energy which Obama removed from the stat. Interest rate increases to begin soon with 5 predicted for '22. And add in a rudderless DC with world unrest, buckle up!