Other Park Taking Resident

I had another park email a form trying to verify a resident’s history, for them to move the home to their park.

How do you handle this? The resident won’t answer their phone, my plan was to 1. Try to convince them to stay, 2. Try to buy it from them

I also want to speak with the park and see exactly how this came about (if they are trying to poach vs the resident called them).

I suggest you call the park and ask them what’s going on. If the tenant asked them to move their home then just let them go… or, try to get the tenant to stay by asking them what their concerns are and resolve them. If they are poaching your tenants I’d ask them to stop because you can just as easily poach theirs.

In my lease I state that I have first right of refusal to buy a tenants home. Lately there seems to be many more people/companies soliciting tenants with offers to buy their homes and ultimately flip them to another park owner. Having first right of refusal with help with this.

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What would be your legal standing if they sold the home without first giving you that option or say we offer it first to the park owner for $35,000 but selling it to a new future nonresident for $34,000 since maybe there is a dispute between park owner and park resident. Is the document filed and notarized and would it pass as justifiable before a judge? Having a civil conversation (if possible) would be a good path to try with the tenant.

Realistically, there may be no legal standing. But having the clause in the lease agreement would allow the park owner to at least ‘formally’ challenge the sale and slow it down - it also puts fear in the tenant (and the other park owner trying to take the tenant) that they may have to go to court and hire a lawyer.