Oregon Lease Option Forms

Dear all:

My name is Yin. I have two small mobile home parks. One of which that I own three mobile homes. After listening to Corey’s speech, I realized that I should sale the mobile homes to my tenants to reduce the expenses. My property manager didn’t want to have anything to do with the sale or lease options. Here are my quesitons in the order of priority

  1. Is there anyone that has Oregon Lease Option Forms?

  2. How to encourage my PM to work with me? I have sign a year agreement to pay them with 10%. According to my PM, none of my tenants may be good candidates for lease options. I offered to give some sale commission. But they said they don’t have license for sale or lease options.

  3. How to make the number work? Payment+lot rent = market rent? What about insurance and property taxes?

4 How many year are good for 1977 and 1995 mobile homes finance term?