Optimize outside appearance

Hey MHUers,
We just took title to the home at the very front of our park, and we’d like to very make this home look top notch, since its right at the entrance. What are your little tweaks that make a big difference in outside appearance. Should we repaint? Definitely re-skirt and new, big wooden deck. I like putting shutters on the windows, its a nice touch. The house is pretty plain in appearance, any other little ornamental things I should consider, like the shutters? New AC will remove the window units.

Thanks for your input,

Can’t tell what the parking situation is with the car on the grass, but make sure the parking spot looks nice. Couple flowers / small bushes on that front / side of the skirting would look nice. Looks to me like you have a pretty good starting point!

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  1. Fix the front deck. It looks like a homeowner’s job. It needs a nice white railing. https://mobilehomepartsstore.com/category/DPC.html
  2. Add Raingutters on the whole house.
  3. Fix the Skirting.
  4. Remove the window bangers and install a mini-split ac system.
  5. Replace the siding with Hardie board or smart siding (match it with the skirting).

Sounds like you have the right idea. I agree to repair the deck and also install deck railing with spindles, and then stain the whole front deck in an attractive color using a paint-stain. We use Cheyenne Red Sherwin-Williams paint-stain color and it looks like Redwood.

Landscaping would go a long way. Make a planter along the front of the house with small colorful small bushes/plants and a nice piece of bender board.