Opinion on small parks

I have been looking at a 38 space park, but can’t quite decide if it is worth the effort. The current owner manages the park, and has a handyman that does all of the work on the homes and any issues with the park. However, the handyman doesn’t like to have management responsibilities and crack down on tenants to pay rent and all of the issues that come along with tenants and running the park effeciently. On the flip side, hiring a manager for the park doesn’t seem to make sense because of the small number of spaces. So, trying to mend this gap and find a way to run the park effeciently without being there on a daily basis?

I understand there is probably someone in the park that would collect rent, but finding a manager/handyman in one seems to be a challenge.

I would be 1.5 hours away from the park, but wouldn’t plan on coming but every so ofter once everything was set in place.

The park needs some work but can be purchased at a good price, I just dont know if running from a distance is doable with this number of spaces.

Any advice or suggestions on running smaller parks, personell, and long distance ownership?