Operating permit

I’m looking at a park with 15 homes on 4 parcels. The owner only has an operating permit for 11 homes located on 2 parcels. The other 2 parcels with 4 mobiles are not licensed as a mobile home park. Is that a problem? Can I still operate and rent the other 4 homes as individual mobiles or does that require extension of the operating permit? Those 4 mobiles have individual septics but share one water well.

That is really an odd setup. If the parcels are contiguous, I would ask the city/county and see what they say about joining them up with a new permit. It might be less hassle for them too.

We will definitely ask the city, but if they don’t allow it for some reason, can we rent 3 mobiles on a separate parcel without a permit? Does any lot with more than one mobile home require a mobile home park permit or not?

Homes per lot depends on the zoning. Operating permit is up to whoever issued it.

I don’t understand. If I buy a lot with 3 mobile homes, do I have to get a Dept of Health operating permit to rent the homes or not?

Zoning sets limits on the number of homes per lot. Operating permit is usually required for more than X number of homes per lot. X number is determined by who ever sets the rules: State, County, City. Every area is different. Make some calls find out the rules and zoning. I didnt see that you mentioned what state you are in so we dont have enough info.

Thank you, it’s getting clear now. It’s a 3 acres lot with 3 homes, should not be a problem for zoning. I was just concerned about the Dept of Health permit. I’m in Florida.

You need to be concerned about more than just the Dept of Health permit. In some jurisdictions, more than one MH on a parcel is, by definition, a MHP. If you’re not zoned for MHP then you can be fined until you comply with the zoning requirements or get re-zoned. For example. You need to make some phone calls to the county and find out who the right person to talk with is.

Thank you for your comment Brandon, we will talk to zoning department and find out all details. Are there any benefits of owning a few mobile homes on a lot which are legal with zoning vs a standard licensed MHP?