Online Utility Billing Services Explained

Here’s some tips for park owners that’s quite helpful on the billing aspect.

ABT Water Management has been providing water treatment services for 24 years. In 1997, we realized that many of our clients were also in need of utility billing services. First using paper billing system called ValueBill until it became obsolete, we now offer completely online utility billing services to landlords and owners of multi-tenant residential buildings. This has made the process of paying utility bills much more convenient.


Our unified billing system is completely web-based and designed to be easily accessible, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Landlords who utilize a water submetering system find this system very simple. Whether you want to pay using an eCheck, PayPal, or any major credit card, this system is set up to suit your specific needs and make the payment process seamless and convenient.

Many of our clients expressed that they wanted a more effective and convenient method of paying their bills. Now, users of our utility management system can easily pay their bills online using this 24/7 Internet-based service. In addition, all of our clients’ data is stored on an in-house cloud server system, ensuring that data is protected long into the future.


Since we offer a variety of services, including utility billing services, our clients regularly approach us for assistance with everything from complete billing to data management. Your data is stored on a cloud server system, which is maintained by information technology professionals with expertise and passion for the IT field. The outsourcing of IT services helps us reduce costs for each of our clients.

This type of software is safe, secure, and reliable. In addition to this, we believe in providing ethical services to our clients, which is why our billing services are flexible and designed for each individual’s specific financial needs. No matter your budget, you will find the cloud-based software very easy to use for monthly payments and more.

Gone are the days of complicated, disorganized paper billing systems. Now you can easily make payments online and stay connected to your data 24 hours a day thanks to ABT Water Management.