Omaha Nebraska Appraiser recomendation for park

Hi all, I have located a park in Omaha and would like a recommendation on a appraiser in Omaha or else where in Nebraska.

Looking for one that is familiar with parks.

Why are you having it appraised?

The bank picks the appraiser.

If you’re getting it appraised to have someone tell you what it’s worth I’d say keep your money and put the specifics on the forum. You’ll get a better value idea I would think.

Because I’m buying it and the bank requires one. The bank is my go to bank that is out of state and isn’t familiar with MHPs. I warned them about appraisers that are not familiar with parks. So we are trying to locate one. Ultimatly it will be up to the bank but they asked for help in finding one.

Fell free to email me It may be something we can take a look at. If not, I would be happy to help your bank find someone who is qualified. FYI, I’ve appraised numerous parks throughout the upper Midwest.

Erik H.

Great Thanks Erik! I sent you a email and included my banker.

We just purchased a park in Iowa and used, I am not sure if they do Omaha, but the did do a great job for us and our bank.

Awesome, Thanks I appreciate the referrals. I think the bank has several options now to choose from.