Older Mobile Home Burns to the Ground

The park I purchased last year that has a number of 70’s trailers. One caught on fire last week and was totalled. Thankfully, no one was hurt. The fire dept says the cause is undetermined, but I am concerned because of older alum. wires & lower amp electric panels. I know Frank’s MHP’s have quite a few older trailers as well.  For those of you who have or have had these 70’s trailers, what I am wondering is whether or not as a matter of course,  you automatically upgrade the electric to 200 amp & redo the wiring or either, and if so, how much something like that would cost.If the electric panel / circuit breakers were upgraded, should you also upgrade the wiring to avoid an electrical fire?Thanks so much for your input.

We do not automatically upgrade our older homes.  If the home needed more extensive work, we would upgrade the electric at that time.  200 Amp panels are needed on newer/larger homes that are all-electric.  You would not have to upgrade the Amp box just because you were switching to copper wiring.We do install smoke detectors for free.  All the best,-jl-