Older homes still looking good!

Was driving through one of my parks earlier today and saw some improvements done at one home. Just a reminder that older homes can look good and add a TON of character to a park if they are well maintained!


I have been taking older mobile homes and gutting them, putting in new windows with the wide trim (similar to your picture), studding the interior and having them spray foam insulated. new plumbing, electric and
mini split, luxury vinyl floors, kitchens with granite and stainless appliances. The cost is close to $50,000
all in, but they sell for a little more and I get a great tenant


GCClement42: Have you been able to find a bank willing to lend for a $50,000 older home that’s fixed up nicely? I’m also considering fixing up some older homes in my park but want to ensure potential buyers are able to obtain 3rd party loans.

We have a few in the area that will lend on them— recently had a 1977 model sell for ~$95,000 and the buyer got an 80% LTV loan in it — it’s all about whether there are comparable sales the appraiser/bank will accept.

Call a few local Credit Unions and see what they have MH loans.

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